Good morning ladies and gentleman. Firstly I would like to acknowledge Pastor Wayne and Georgia and the leaders and elders of Revival church for allowing me the honour of sharing the word this morning. As I was preparing the message, I was hoping that I would be diligent in my preparation and that I would be bold and clear in the delivery of the message and the Holy spirit reminded me its not about eloquence of fluency of speech, but by the Power of his holy spirit working through me.

Before I proceed with the message, I would like to introduce my family  to you. This is my beloved wife Linnissa. We met when we were 14years old at a CBC Compulsory and I was a cute little boy playing the Marimbas. We started dating at 18 and got married at 25. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in September.

This is Leilani. She is 6 years old and she is grade 1 at Whitestone in Mrs.Tinks class. She loves art and music and has a gift to play the piano by ear.

This is Brady. He is 4 years old and goes to Busy Bees Montessori. He loves trains, trucks, and cars. He also loves his bicycle. Whenever we want compliance, we use his bike as ransom.

My name is Anton Bhana. I am 35 years old and was born here in Bulawayo. I went to Whitestone school between 1989 and 1995 and then I went to CBC from 1996 – 2001. I left high school and worked for dads company for 3 years while I played rugby for Busters, Matland U21 and Zimbabwe U21. At that point in my life I was living life the way I wanted to. A sinful life. Sexual immorality, drunkenness, pride, deceitfulness, foolishness, a disregard for God or the things of God. I did not want to hear about God or want to step foot in a church. Amidst all those wrongs ways, I believed I was good. I was a good candidate for Hell.

In 2004 I went to England to work for a year. Linnissa and I continued dating and it was very difficult having a long distance relationship. I would phone her every day and send emails but it was very hard and we still loved each other but it became very hard not being with the person you love for so long. After 6 months of being away from home I decided to surprise everyone and come home. I booked my ticket and flew home without telling anyone. I arrived home and couldn’t wait to see everyone. I was welcomed home by tears of joy and hugs by everyone that missed me so much. I was on leave for one month and I was adamant to make the most of it. I was happy to be home. In Africa where there’s sun. I was having the time of my life. One day I got in to my dads Twin Cab to go and hit some balls at the driving range before going to visit Linnissa. I got to her house in the afternoon and picked her up and went to see what was happening by Busters Rugby Club. There was a sound coming from the car so I stopped and got out to see if I could tell where the sound was coming from. I couldn’t see anything so I just got back in the car and carried on to Linnissa’s house. As I parked at the gate, feeling so relaxed and happy, I asked Linnissa if she wanted to go to stay at her house for supper of if she would like to come to my folks house. We couldn’t decide so we just parked by the gate and spoke. When it was starting to get dark around 6:30pm, I saw a blue car pull up behind my dads car. I didn’t think anything of it but 3 guys got out and ran to my door with guns and pointed them at me. I remember leaning over to cover Linnissa. It happened so fast and they told us to get out of the car and crouch by the gate. They reversed of sped of leaving us terrified and shaking by the gate. I phoned my brothers straight away and they came immediately. The police came and Linnissa’s dad came from the farm and found us sitting there in shock. It was the most frightening experience of my life. I got home later that night and went to my bedroom and sat there with my brother and cried and cried. I told him I wasn’t afraid of anything and I thought I was invincible. I was afraid to die.

A few days later, an American church team was down that was visiting Linnissa’s dad’s church and we went for dinner in Khumalo. They heard the story about what had happened to us. One of the ladies spoke to me and said Anton, God saved you!

I didn’t know what that meant and I didn’t know what salvation meant. I called myself a Christian but I didn’t understand anything. I went back to England for another 6 months and came back. When I got back I found Linnissa was a different person. She had found God and he was doing an amazing work in her and one after races, we were sitting in my brothers lounge and she began talking about God and this time it really interested me and she invited me to church and I decided to go with her the next day. I went with her. It was an interesting experience. People were singing and dancing and they had drums in church. I stood like a statue in church and didn’t move a muscle. I listened to the word being preached and I had questions. As the weeks went on and I attended a few more services, I started developing a hunger to understand more of God. I decided to go to midweek service and attend youth services on Friday nights. One of the Wednesday night services was so powerful and the power of God came down upon me and I literally was trembling in His presence. I had opened my heart to Him – I surrendered and he came in. I had encountered God like never before and I just wanted more of Him. I decided I wanted to get baptised and in August 2006, I got baptised and a month later the Lord filled me with the Holy Spirit and I spoke in tongues for the first time. In December 2006, I received a prophetic word with Gods call on my life as a leader in the Kingdom of God. I began to grow tremendously and experienced God in so many amazing ways through the ministry of Pastor Marshall Williams of Life Spring Church.

My faith grew tremendously and I have been blessed to see God’s hand move in so many mighty ways over the years until now.

The first time God ever spoke to me through the Word, I said, God, I know you love me but how do I know you I love you. I was reading John 14 and the bible said, “If you love me you will obey my commandments….” I didn’t know if I was scared or happy. I closed the bible and walked out of my room and couldn’t believe what had just happened.

I looked in to the commandments and the first one was “Love the lord your God with all you heart, all your mind and all your soul” – I think many of us get it wrong from this part. In an exam, the first question says, If you are in a car and you are travelling at 80km/hr, how far would you go in 60minutes. Its an easy questions but it can confuse some of us.

Love the lord your God with all your heart. It is simple but many don’t know how to do that and the reason is we don’t use our whole heart or know how to use our whole heart.

  • Husbands and Wives don’t love each other wholeheartedly
  • Parents don’t love their children wholeheartedly
  • Church members come to church more out of routine or obligation rather than to press in to Gods love
  • Workers show up for work miserable and watch the clock pass until 5 oclock
  • Doctors demand money before helping people
  • Teachers do what is just required of them and no more.
  • Police will not come to your aid unless you fetch them.

There is a serious issue that we are faced with. Just on the first commandment. Love with all your heart.

How do we use our hearts?


Lord what is your will for my life. I am doing everything I want but it doesn’t seem to be working out.


Seek ye first the kingdom of God. – Parable of the lost coin


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