Let’s Stay United

Let’s Stay United
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Whenever we experienced a shutdown or stay way, this scenario takes place. Some people stay away while others don’t. The ones that stay away get angry at the ones who don’t support the cause and begin fighting against each other and blaming one another, saying things like, “You mustn’t complain that things remain bad”

With Covid-19, the same thing is happening. Some see the importance in exercising precaution by washing hands, using sanitizer, self-isolating and are doing what they can while others are just carrying on with life as normal.

Getting everyone on the same page is incredibly difficult. Especially when you are in place where things don’t appear to be harmful. In Zimbabwe, Covid19 is generally not spreading like other places, as far as we know, and what we see is just media reports and stories of cases around the world and therefore don’t think it will affect us.

I have thought about conspiracy theories, which may or may not be true. However, one thing is for sure, when things like this happen, FEAR creeps in and causes division.

This week, we have had orders cancelled, events cancelled, church gatherings stopped, schools closing early, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair has been postponed and other sporting functions have been called off. People’s livelihoods are taking a knock and nobody knows how to deal with it.

Just like a shutdown, some people feel like they can’t stop working in order to provide for their families, while others feel it’s an important sacrifice to make for the long term. It is not a great place to be and extremely difficult to map the way forward.

However, what we need is to remain calm and be UNITED. We must learn to see the bigger picture and trust that it needs our combined support. Whether it’s dealing with Corona or other matters. The bigger picture impacts the future of our families, our workplaces, our cities and our nations. What will we see in 30 years’ time if we are not united about taking care of the environment, our health, our cities, our lives? What hope will our children have if we are not concerned about dealing with real issues now, which affect us on a day to day basis?

The problem with us people, is that we think we can do wrong and there is no consequence. We continue taking the very things that kill us and some of those things even have labels that tell us that. Warning – Smoking kills for example. But we will still spend money on things that destroy us.

Not everyone is going to care. But for those who do, let’s think about creating a future that is good and unselfish and will benefit future generations. The early church succeeded because they understood the principles of caring about each other. They sold all their belongings and shared with one another so no one had lack. Some have learnt this principle of sharing but not everyone. If someone has extra cooking they will share while on the other end of the spectrum someone will see this as an opportunity to sell at black market prices and overcharge because they have what you need just to make a profit and rip you off.

Sadly, selfishness and greed is still present in our communities today. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can be generous and considerate. We can get through tough times if we have strong relationships that are built on love and consideration for our neighbour. Jesus said, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. How things could be different if we treated people with honour and respect instead of cheating and ripping them off. Treat one another fairly. When things change, and they will, people will remember how they were cheated and not support you. Plant good seeds now that will have lasting fruits in the future.

Covid-19 will come and go. But more challenges lie ahead and we will be foolish if we don’t recognise how fear enters, causing panic and selfishness, resulting in division.

A people driven by love and unity is a powerful force. That is the side I want to be on.

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